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Идти на рыбалку of Оснащать. W e are certain you will be pleased with your purchase of one of the finest outboard motors on the market. W e want to help you get the best results from your new outboard motor and to operate it safely. And using this outboard motor safely is an important responsibility. T o help you make informed decisions about safetywe have p rovided operating procedures and oth er information on labels and in this manual. Other uses can result in injury to the operator or damage to the outboard motor and other property. Refuel outdoors, in a well-ventilated area, with the engine stopped. Never smoke near gasoline, and keep other flames and sparks away. Please read it ca refully. This label is considered a permanent part of your outboard motor. If the label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact an authorized Honda Marine dealer for a replacement. Fail ure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage. Optional equipm ent Refer to this chart for an explanation of the T ype Codes used in this manual to identify control and feature applications. T urn the adjuster clockwise to increase friction fo r holding a throttle setting while cruising.

Лодочный мотор Honda BF 40

T urn the adjus ter counterclockwise to decrease friction for easy throttle grip rotation. Proper adjustment prevents the outboard motor from being trimmed too low p. Do not use the fast idle lever when starting the engine. See page 50 for engine warm-up instructions. The fast idle lever allows you to increase the idle speed only when the control lever is in the N neutral position. It is a rocker switch with UP and DN down positions for changing the angle of the outboard motor. This allows the outboard motor to be tilted up or down when no battery is connected. Check that nobody is unde r the outboard motor be fore opening the manual relief valve. When the boat is to be moored for a long time, tilt the ou tboard motor up as far as it will go. Then move the tilt lock lever to the LOCK position, and gently lower the ou tboard motor until the lever contacts the stern bracket. If an indicator does not light during this test, it cannot alert you if that system develops a problem. If the condition persists for another 20 seconds, the engine shuts of f. Open the vent by tu rning the vent knob counterclo ckwise all the way before starting the engine. There are two anodes on the gear case, one on the stern bracket and two small anodes in the water passages of the engine bloc k. Y our safety is your responsibility. A little time spent in preparation will significantly reduce your risk of injury. Knowledge Read and understand this manual. Know what the controls do and how to operate them. Select a suitable height and angle for the operator and secure the block. T o adjust, first tilt the outboard motor so it is not resting on the rod. Be sure both connectors snap securely into place. Always disconnec t the fuel hose when storing or transporting the outboard motor. Check the position of the gearshift lever. It must be in the N neutral position for starting. The engine will not start if the gearshift lever is in the F forward or R reverse position. The fast idle lever cannot be raised unless the control lever is in the N neutral position. The control lever cannot be moved away from the N neutral position unless the fast idle lever is lowered. Before getting underwayallow the engine to warm-up sufficiently to ensure good performance. T urn the ignition switch key to the OFF position p. Set the controls the same as for normal starting p. T urn the ignition switch key to the ON position. Set the alternator pulley so the cutouts are on the right and left sides of the alternator pulley as shown.

If the fast idle control s was used to start the engine, return the control s to the normal operating position as the engine warms up. During the warm-up period, check the oil pressure indicator p. Move the throttle grip to the slowest speed and the gearshift lever or control lever to the N neutral position. T urn the ignition switch key to the OFF position to stop the engine. In the event that the engine does not stop when the ignition switch key is turned to the OFF position, pull the emergency stop switch cli p out of the emergency stop switch by pulling the emergenc y stop swi tch lanyard p. The engine can be started with the gearshift lever in the N neutral position only. The control lever cannot be mo ved from the N neutral position unless the neutral release lever is squeezed. S teering Friction Adjuster Use the steering friction adjuster to help hold a steady course while cruising. Use the throttle fricti on contro l p. For rough water conditions or lar g e waves, slow down to prevent the propeller from rising ou t of the water.

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Under normal conditions, the boat will perform best when the antiventilation plate is level with the water surface. Reduce engine speed UP: Increase engine speed Place the outboard motor in-gear with the throttle control in the fully closed idle position.

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  • Adjust the trim tab with the engine stopped. Do not use the tiller handle as a lever to raise the outboar d motor. Stop the engine and disconnect the fuel hose from th e outboard motor before tilting the outboard motor. This feature enables the outboard motor to be tilted up or down when no batte ry is connected. For manual tilting, use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the valve counterclockwise 2 and a half turns. It will also help reduce air pollution. T o help you properly care for y our outboard motorthe following pages include a maintenance schedule, routine inspection procedures, and simple maintenance procedures using basic hand tools. Howeverwe cannot warn you of eve ry conceivable hazard that can arise in performing maintenance. Only you can decide whether or not you sho uld perform a given task. The spare clip may either be stored in the tool bag or in an easily accessible location on the boat along with the emer gency starter rope. Please note, a claim for warranty coverage will not be denied simply because the maintenance schedule for your outboard motor was not followed. R efer to the Honda shop manual for serv ice procedures. If uncompensated, torque steer would make the outboard motor tend to turn to one side. Unlatch and remove the engine cover p. Remove the oil level dipstick and wipe it clean.

    мануал лодочный мотор хонда 40 4 тактный

    If you notice either condition, change the engine oil. See the followi ng table for an explanation of these conditions. Drain the used oil while the engine is warm. W a rm oil drains quickly and completely. Remove the en gine oil drain bolt and sealing washer.

    Инструкция HONDA BF40D - подвесной лодочный мотор

    Allow the used oil to drain completelythen install a new sealing washer on the engine oil drain bolt, and tighten it securely. Reinstall the drain bolt cover. Use 4-stroke detergent oil. SAE 5W is recommended for general use. Inspect the spark plugs. Replace them if the electrodes are worn, or if the insulators are cracked or chipped. Measure the spark plug electrode gap with a wire-type feeler gauge. Correct the gap, if necessaryby carefully bending the side electrode. After the first 20 hours or 1 month, then every hours or 6 months refer to the mainte nance schedule on page After refueling, in stall the cap and tighten it until you hear it click.

    мануал лодочный мотор хонда 40 4 тактный

    Close the vent by turning the vent knob clockwise all the wayand return the fuel tank to t he boat. Y our outboard motor is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline. Unleaded gasoline produces fewer engine and spark plug deposits and extends exhaust system life. W ater or sediment accumulation in the filter can cause loss of power or hard starting. Always replace the filter at the scheduled replacement interval p. Unscrew the strainer cup from the filter body. Thoroughly clean the strainer cup and fuel filter. If the fuel filter is contaminated, replace it with a new one. Install the fuel filterfloat, O-rings and strainer cup. Connect the fuel hoses to the fuel filter securely with the hose clamps.

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