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Megabass ARMS A6505X Paraizo Rod

On the Water with the New G. The Search for One Unlike previously discussed Evergreen International, who had to win our attention after several lackluster rod reviews, Megabass started off with a good initial impression here at TackleTour evidenced by our first Enthusiast rod review on the F back in Megabass almost always seems to have the right mix of performance and styling to keep us grinning from ear to ear both on and off the water and that is, afterall, what the enthusiast appeal is all about.

megabass a6505x

So when it came time to decide upon a Megabass stick for our theme, this challenge was met with eager anticipation. That anticipation was rewarded and then some when we got a look at the ARMS series of rods featuring carved wood handles sculpted specifically for a right or left hand grip. Then, anxiety turned to pure desire.

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A look at the AX Paraizo handle assembly. Megabass labels these blanks as "Hi Impact Multiplex Graphite". I mean, really, a right handed reel is held in your left and a left handed reel is held in your right, so where does a left handed or right handed rod go. Well, we are happy to report, that a left grip ARMS rod means the grip is indeed contoured to be held in your left hand.

Воблеры MEGABASS XJF 100мм, 14гр, 0.2-0.4м, floating

The reel seat is made of polished aluminum. With that out of the way, as one might expect, with all the wood in its handle and even a surprising amount of metal in its reel seat, the Paraizo is no flyweight. Though it has decent balance, the stick does weigh in at a total of 5.

megabass a6505x

This is a bit surprising as Megabass, and most other Japanese rod manufacturers, typically over rate their rods as compared to their US counterparts. As you can see, the Paraizo is a full step higher in power than our GLX making it a "heavy" powered rod instead of a "medium heavy". Believe it or not, I was rather reluctant at first to take this stick out on the water. Still, the opportunity to actually fish with a piece like this is exhilarating and it did not take long for that excitement to overtake any concerns I had of damaging this work of art. The primary testing ground for this stick. What the Paraizo lacks in distance casting it more than makes up for with pin point accuracy. Casting tests were conducted primarily with the Bespoke Topaz reel and a series of different spinnerbaits mostly in the half ounce range.

megabass a6505x

The Paraizo was one of several go to sticks for our Spinnerbait Shootout from earlier this year because, despite its heavy power curve, this stick loads and casts extremely well. Moreover, given its short length, accuracy is a strong point for this stick but of course, this comes at the expense of distance.

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  • How sensitive is this dollar rod. Megabass Hi Impact Multipliex Graphite. Unknown Built by Megabass.

    megabass a6505x

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