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Raymarine EV-200 Hydraulic Power Evolution Autopilot 12/24V T70157 #64520054

At the centre of every Evolution system is the intelligent EV sensor core, a 9-axis sensor that monitors vessel motion in all three dimensions. The innovative EV sensor core combines advanced solid-state sensors with the Evolution autopilot processor into a single easy-to-install housing.

Raymarine Evolution - EV-1 and EV-2 Specifications

Precision monitoring of heading, pitch, roll, and yaw allowing the autopilot to evolve instantly as sea conditions and vessel dynamics change. Mount above or below deck. Solid state sensor technology delivers dynamic accuracy to within 2 degrees in all conditions. Auto-compensation for on board magnetic fields and reliable heading accuracy in the northern and southern extremes. Raymarine is constantly innovating to deliver best-in-class sensors and intelligent navigation systems - making your time on the water safer and fun. These programs and services, when available, are designed to help minimise the down-time of Products that may require warranty repair.

Raymarine EV-200 Power

RAYMARINE Products are not a substitute for possessing and exercising the independent judgment and skill needed to safely and effectively operate any vessel or engage in any marine activity. If you must return your Product to RAYMARINE, be sure to remove all accessories and personal information such as chart cards from the Product; back-up all data such as waypoints ; securely re-package the Product for shipping; and include inside the package along with the Product being returned: Your name, return address and telephone number; A detailed description of the reason for the warranty return; Valid proof of purchase including date and place of purchase and Product serial number s.

raymarine ev-200 power evolution autopilot

In order to qualify for Advance Warranty Replacement: Subject to the following conditions, limitations and exclusions, to qualify an eligible Product for On-Board Repair Service at no additional charge: Valid proof of purchase confirming: Any Product that is repaired or replaced under warranty will be warranted only for the remaining balance of the applicable original Standard Limited Warranty Period or Extended Limited Warranty Period. RAYMARINE may, in its sole discretion, agree to evaluate for potential service or repair a product that is out-of-warranty or not covered under warranty.

raymarine ev-200 power evolution autopilot

Any product that is sent to RAYMARINE for evaluation but that is returned to the customer without having been serviced or repaired will be returned in the same condition as it was received, subject to any wear and tear necessary to evaluate the product, and will not receive any warranty coverage of any kind. Products evaluated but not serviced or repaired are subject to a charge for the time needed to evaluate the product as requested by the customer, plus the cost of return shipment. Customers may request an expedited evaluation of a product, and expedited out-of-warranty or non-warranty service or repair.

raymarine ev-200 power evolution autopilot

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raymarine ev-200 power evolution autopilot

Always the correct part. We know our products. Product Details Features Warranty Info.

raymarine ev-200 power evolution autopilot

T T T T Your Proof of Purchase documentation is important. Please keep it in a safe place. Participation in the Warranty Service Program is completely voluntary.

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